10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My first ultrasound done in 6 weeks 6 days and FHR is 137. Is it ok???

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Answer: Hi dear yes ur baby heartbeat is perfectly fine. Beat fro. 110 to 160 is fine and nothing to worry dear. Do take care of ur diet.
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Question: In ultrasound GA is measured as 8 week 6 days and FHR is 189 bpm...is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear. GA is gestational age it indicates toward the age of your pregnancy twins pregnancy is of 8 weeks and 6 days . FHR means fetal heart rate 189 is ok to 10 week because Heartbeat of foetus is the higj during the first 10- 11 weeks and then it will start decreasing , and will decrease to a certain extent . hope this information will help you
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Question: I have done my ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days bpm is 79 is that ok?
Answer: Hi Heartbeat is less and it should be 120-180bpm as you had done in 6 weeks it may be less so you can repeat after 2-3 weeks so that it may get in range and if not please do consult doctor
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Question: Hi today my anamolyscan done FHR 127 is it ok
Answer: Hi Ya thats normal heart rate...in 19 weeks if fetus has 120-160 bpm thrn thats normal...take care
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