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Question: My first toddler is 4 years.. How to improve digestion power in her.. she's very delicate to items she eats

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Answer: Get her examined if she is having any lactose intolerance that is making you feel that she is having a delicate digestive system it can be a sort of certain food allergy and not all. you should give more probiotics to your daughter. Curd has the best digestive enzymes. banana also aids in digestion. Apple juice is good . and pomegranate
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Question: Hi my toddler is 3 years old by today but she hardly eats anything just drink milk.
Answer: Hi dear. , toddlers have a habit of refusing food. You havr to keep trying. It is summer now , during summer everybody loses appetite, even adults Don't feel like eating much during summers. It is a proven fact that summer reduce baby's appetite to great extent. You will have to arose her interest in food by presenting new new food items, a baby have to see a food for at least 3_4 times before eating it. Let her play with food, playing with food make baby interested in food . It is summer so you can offer banana shake, mango shake, strawberry shake etc. Try to give finger food to her such as carrot sticks, cucumber slices, apple pieces etc. Give her chapati in form of small pieces and let her eat with her own hands. Try curd, all babies like curd in summer. Keep trying, Don't give up
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Question: how to improve digestion power to baby when we interduce solid food
Answer: You can introduce solids in very small quantity after baby turns 6 months old. Give baby warm water two to three spoon after every meal which is good for digestion. Give easily digestible food. You can start with ragi porridge in very small quantity, whatever you give just give two to three spoon in the begining, smashed rice dall veggies, smashed khichadi, veggies pure like carrot spinach pumpkin is good, fruits pure like apple Banana Chicku papaya pear good. You can give smashed dates or streamed dates. Sippy cups is good dear. Add ghee curd in baby's food. Keep breastfeeding your baby along with solids. Let baby play after having meal which gives proper digestion to baby.
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Question: My baby is 4.5 years old nd her weight is 15. 5 kg nd she eats very few in a whole day. Plz suggest to improve her diet nd weight also
Answer: jo baby ko pasand ho wahi khilao
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