38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My first delivery was by c section .is it possible to have second normal delivery . Gap is 2 years.

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Answer: Yes main apni routine thik rakhiyee palbic bones ki excercise kijiye Taki vo flexbile bane do sitting works Taki BBY right position main ayee.taki c.section ki jarurat hi na padhe
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    Supriya Naik933 days ago

    Thank you!

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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery if the baby is in breech position?
Answer: Yes dear,By 30-32 weeks most babies turn and flip head down and bottom up.so not to worry.please wait and watch till 34 weeks for baby final position.it is not always possible to turn your baby from being breech.some breech babies can be safely delivered through the vagina, but most of the doctors usually deliver them by c section to prevent complications to the baby.but there are few techniques to turn baby position from breech to cephalic but it is risky which is not usually done in india.take care and all the best
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Question: Is it possible to get normal delivery after getting c section before.
Answer: Yes normal delivery is possible after c-section delivery but it depends on many thing. First you have to check you start thickness and its more than 4 mm then u can try normal delivery. But final mode of delivery will depend on your baby's presentation your health condition and baby's health condition at the time of Vaccine. You have to consult your doctor about this. All the best..
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Question: Is it possible to have normal delivery after 35 weeks.if sugar is controlled
Answer: If everything is favourable like babies presentation babies condition your health condition then yes after 36 weeks anytime you can expect normal delivery but if there is any complication doctor will not take the chance. You need to talk to this with your doctor as well. All the best.
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