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Question: My first daughter she was 8 years old and her weight is 21.is it normal

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Answer: Hi mam this looks she is underweight so please give more Carbohydrate protein rich food for your baby give more than its milk dates this helps to increase the weight you can also give more pulses grains rice flour based food items this also help baby to gain weight you can also give Ragi Malt health mix powder for baby give dates soaked in milk you can also give dates and cucumber this helps to gain more weight
Answer: Average weight of 8 year old is around 24 kg. 2-3 kgs more or les is considered to be normal as every chuld is different from each other. Also weight depends on birth weight. You should focus on healthy eating rather than weight. If you give her healthy food then jer weight will automatically increase
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Question: My first daughter and she was 8 years old and her weight is 21 kg is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, your child weight is little low than normal. You shoul give your kid high calories diet which include, buffalo milk, cheese, yogurt, potato, sweet potato, banana,rice, lentils, legumes, beans,panner, roti,egg,fish,chicken & meat. Hope that will help your child to gain proper weight.
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Question: My daughter weight is 9.4, and she is 21 months old. Is it ok?
Answer: Hello dear. It should ideally it between 9.3 - 14.3 kgs. Hope it helps.
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Question: hi. my daughter is 3 years and 8 months.. her birth weight 3.2kg.. now she is 13kg.. is this weight is normal..
Answer: hi dear! normally the weight should be 24kgs. so its very less. you should meet your pedia to guide you will proper diet chart for your baby.
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