8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my first baby time I was facing to baby survive operation in 6th month.so what can this one again facing that is problem this pregnancy

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Answer: Hii this is not compulsory . Don't afraid. U have to be confident and strong. All babies as well complications are different .Do stay in touch with doctor.all the best
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    nanda mahajan1170 days ago

    Thanks mam your suggestions best for me

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Question: My first delivery was normal. I want to have a normal one this time also. What can I do to make sure the baby is in place.
Answer: Hello dear. If your baby has taken the head down position then you will have a normal delivery there is nothing ti be worried. However if the baby hasn't taken the head down position yet then it is a concern as at this stage the room is less so it is not possible for the baby to move. If baby is head down just continue doing exercises like butterfly, pelvic stretch and squats with walking as they helps in dilating the cervix and making baby fix his head. Hope it helps.
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Question: My one year old baby facing constipation problem again and again.. So what should I do?
Answer: Hello%20dear..%0ATo%20reduce%20babys%20constipation%2Cfollow%20these%20remedies%20it%20might%20be%20helpful%20for%20you...%0AInclude%20fiber%20rich%20foods%20like%20oats%2Cmillet%0AFeed%20more%20water%2Cyou%20can%20include%20soups%2Cjuice%0Ainclude%20dryfruits%20daily%0AYou%20can%20also%20feed%20fig%20smoothie%2Cbanana%20smoothie%20will%20be%20helpful
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Question: In my last pregnancy there was no heartbeat at that time in 6 weeks?? And after one year I m again pregnant can this happen again?? That there will be no heartbeat.
Answer: Hi dear, I am extremely sorry for your last abortion.i am glad that you have conceived again.so every Pregnancy is different.you cannot compare the two pregnancies.so donot stress .my sister in law has the same issue.but her next Pregnancy was absolutely normal.so donot worry,stay positive.
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