22 months old baby

Question: My first baby is 1year 9month old now again I'm pregnant with 2 month is the right period for second baby?

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Answer: It's ok, eat healthy take doctor prescribed medicines
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Question: Hi I'm 5 week pregnant I cannot sleep I feel uncomfortable full night I will turn left to right again right to left in 2 second is it safe as I had miscarriage with my first baby.
Answer: Dear it is not normal as usually women feel mire sleepy due to hormonal changes. Are you having constipation or gas which may make you uncomfortable. Try using pillow while sleeping between legs as it make comfortable. Also warm bath before sleeping will help you fet sound sleep. You could also be having lower abdomin pain which is again normal due to expanding uterus. Hope it helps.
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Question: My first baby is 2 year n 4 months old is it right time to think about the second one
Answer: Hi,yes it is possible and it just depends on a mutual decission between you and your partner F you both are mentally prepared for thisyou can go ahead. All the best
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Question: My FIRST baby is now 1 year 9month old now again I'm pregnant for 2 months is this right period for second baby?
Answer: Atlest 3 years gap is must ...but on other hand if u are ready for another responsibility so you can go through it
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