27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My fasting blood sugar levels are 101, post lunch blood sugar levels are 165 and HBA1C is 5.0 both my parents are diabetic...... I'm so worried please tell me what to do doctor

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Answer: Suffering from same thing
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    Shravya Soma157 days ago

    Please answer doc

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Question: Please tell me what to do doc my sugar levels are 101 fasting and 165 post fasting ..should I start any medicines.... both my parents are diabetic and I dnt eat any sugar also..
Answer: I am having 122 post fasting and 70 fasting my doctor adivce me to have tablet regular
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Question: Doctor please tell me what are normal sugar range of fasting, post breakfast, post lunch,Post dinner
Answer: I ain't a doctor but my doctor told me fasting should below 100 and after 1.30 hours of meal it should be 140 or less not more than 140
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Question: My blood sugar ranges Fasting. 93 Post lunch( after 2hrs).123 Post dinner(after 2hrs).127 Am i diabetic,if so plz suggest measures and diet chart.
Answer: No dear, u r nt diabetic.normal range of blood sugar during pregnancy is below 100 (fasting) and 130 (after meal). Hope it clears ur confusion. :)
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