Few days old baby

Question: My eyes were so itchy n reddish so went to the doc and she gave me refresh drops.... n said those are steroids... can i use them while breastfeeding....

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Answer: Steroids should b avoided during bf
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Question: My baby is 9 months old and since last few days she is rubbing her eyes rigoursly and she is also crying while rubbing...we consulted doc and he has given cetirizine syrup but it did not cure then we again consulted doc , he gave Refresh drops and moxicip drops which we r currently giving her every 4 hrs but she is still rubbing her eyes and crying...what to do?
Answer: Make an observation if she rubs ger eyes when she wants to sleep! Its ok for babies to rub eyes when they want to sleep! If that's not the reason then following ur doc's advice would be better!
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