36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My eyes getting reddish when I wake up after sleep..why?

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Answer: Dear you may not be getting enough sleep and that could be causing the eye to become red. If you are getting sufficient sleep and still ur eyes are red the entire day then it would be better to consult an eye specialist. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi,it's ok .there is nothing to worry in that unless it is wattwey take care all the best
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Question: My 2years old wake up when i wake up..what to do ?
Answer: Hi dear, if baby is getting up early then try to make minimum sound when you are getting up also don't make a habit in baby that she would only sleep when you sleep.
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Question: Eyes getting reddish What it means?
Answer: Hi dear, Pink eye could be due to many reasons: 1- hormonal changes can lead to dry eyes in some which in turn can irritate eye and give itchy red eyes 2- conjunctivitis,viral or bacterial infections could lead to itchy watery eyes which are highly contagious 3- high blood pressure could also lead to blood shot eye 4-dust or any irritant like shampoos or soaps could lead to red eye 5-forthcoming cold or sinus issue could also lead to red eye Check with your doctor for the right reason and use eye drops which are pregnancy safe.keep your eyes clean by splashing water.use separate towel to wipe your eyes.
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Question: My baby doesnot sleep day and night why? When she's sleep only for 10min and wake up why?
Answer: Sometimes baby sleeps in interval. Feed him or her well... Before u put to sleep. N cuddle him or keep him surrounded by pillows and provide he some warmth. Baby will sleep properly
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