39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My expecting date of delivery is 21 july 2021 and baby bpd - 9.4 4cm, OFD(HC) - 11.71cm, HC ( Headlock) - 33.77cm, AC - 34.16, FL- 7.61, weight - 3480g in ultrasound on dated 30 June 2021. Also EDD is 10 july 2021 according to ultrasound. My hb was 9.3. I don't feel any pain till date. Please tell me, can my delivery be normal ?

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Answer: As per the sonography report your baby is fully mature and ready for delivery but till now there is no sign of cervix dilation or baby drops down. I hope your baby is in presentation then you can practice walking followed by pelvic floor exercise, squats and butterfly exercise for dilation of cervix. Hope it helps. All the best.
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Question: My EDD by LMP is 23 june and EDD by ultrasound is 30 june... when can I expect my delivery.. this is my first pregnancy ?
Answer: Your sonography will show expected delivery date depend on your fetal growth and if baby is overall growth is one week lagging it will show one week late date. You can expect your delivery anytime in between 23rd to 30 June. All the best in dear.
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Question: I am 30 weeks pragnant my babi wight is 1160g,BPD=77.7mm, HC=267.7mm, AC=215.9mm, Fl=56.9mm, FHR=141bpm Is Everything fine Doctor?
Answer: Baby's weight is less. Eat protein rich food or consult with your doctor she will suggest you some protein powder which help in growth of baby. My doctor also provide macprot powder which I take in milk daily 2 times. God bless u
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Question: My LMP is on October 19 ,2020 so the EDD is on 26 July 2021. but according to ultrasound it is 19 July 2021.can delivery occur before the ultra sound date?
Answer: Deer according to baby growth delivery date will be change. Deliver will not happen at delivery date. It will be before or after 1 week if given date .
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