39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My expected delivary date is 15.04.2018.but symptoms of milk licking/production yet not obvious, 1. is it normal? 2.how days before EDD it will be obvious ? 3. as it is not yet obvious, will my EDD postpond ? Please reply...it's very urgent for me the leave- planning

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Question: My expected date of delivery according to LMP id 15 july. But in 29th week scanning expected date is 4 july. Which one is more reliable. As my husband have to apply for leave before hand
Answer: Hi dear lmp due date is accurate as ultrasound date oy shows according to the growth of baby and it can be early or late so go with lmp due date..
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Question: My baby is 87 days premature. After 14 days he will be of 1 yr as per EDD. But he is not yet started crawling Kindly advice
Answer: Hi dear standard age for baby to start crawling is from 6 to 10 months of age so u shouldn't needed to consult doctor so soon. Have patience. And wait for the same. Some baby achieve milestone early and some takes time. Premature or low birth weight baby can even start crawling till 1 year of age. Moreover in some cases baby don't even do crawling and start standing . So have patience. Do give more of tummy time to ur baby u der ur supervision.
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Question: My due date is 10.6.2019 when will be my EDD and i had 3 c section operation before and it will be 4th c secton
Answer: Hi dear, Due date is calculated by adding 280 days(40 weeks) to the first day of LMP.so your due date would be March 17,2019.
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