17 months old baby

Question: My elder daughter did not get her periods for last 2 months .she is going to be 13 years. I went to government hospital yesterday they took scan and gave her meprate 10mg tablets. And asked her to come on second day of her periods. But they did not tel me about the dosage. Pls any one tel me once r twice a day should the tablet been taken for 12.9months

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Answer: It is difficult to guide you like this but just a single dose of 5 mg or 10 mg depending on what the doctor has recommend is supposed to be taken yes it is OK for your daughter to take if prescribed by the doctor
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Answer: Hi, usually heart beat appears 6-7 weeks of pregnancy.or 3 weeks after ovulation.if heartbeat not appears means pregnancy is not viable.in this condition where fertilized egg develops into an embryo, implants into the uterus anyway and there is no formation of heart beat.it is called as silent or missed miscarriage.hope everything will be fine.take care and all the best
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