31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My eighth month has just started, my baby is kicking really hard and is active almost all the time. I started feeling light kicks in the fifth month. My friends tell me that mine is way more active than normal. What could this mean?

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Answer: hi, don't worry. you have a active baby which issues normal. Many start feeling the kicks early, there is nothing bad in it. every baby is different, henceforth do not worry what others say. the baby is specialist for you. just relax and enjoy take care
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Question: Hello..my eighth month has just started and m really worried as ladies around me are saying "pet niche aa Gaya hai".... so do I need to bother?
Answer: Hi It will come down as your baby is increasing weight If you have any physical inconvenience consult doctor Otherwise don't worry Just call your doctor and talk about this so u can stay relaxed
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