37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My EDD (ultrasound) is 19 Nov 18. How much accurate is this and when can i expect delivery?

Answer: My LMP was unknown and irregular after zoladex.
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Question: Hi my Edd is 21 May according to ultrasound when can I expect my delivery.
Answer: Be very careful from 11may itself ,take rest eat well and sleep well
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Question: My Lmp edd is 21 Nov and usg edd is 14 Nov which one is accurate.
Answer: Actually No one can say accurate date of delivery except god...all these dates r saying based on our fetal growth n health conditions...so no need 2 wry jus b prepared frm nov 10 itself...All the best hope disz helpful
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Question: My LMP EDD is 21 Nov and USG EDD 14 Nov which one is accurate
Answer: Hi dear, There is nothing wrong or right here.you need to understand that due date derived from LMP gives just and estimation.most of the growth scales are based on that calculation.though we know the first two weeks of LMP is without conception,as you are having periods and then ovulation. But for many calculations rough due date is considered.basef on ultrasound due date ,you get to know exact growth and development of baby.it could go ahead or behind the due date set by LMP,which is also normal.usg is also not 100%accurate,and hence that is also an estimate.iy could be a week before or after.lmp due date stays constant while USG due date keep changing.
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