39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My EDD is 24 November, and having very bad rashes. What should I do

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Question: Should I stop using diaper as my baby is having diaper rashes. What should I do?
Answer: Try to cloth diapers, as disposal diaper can usually causes rashes Apply diaper rash cream available in market Before using cream wash the baby bottom with lukewarm water and allow it free air Let the skin dry on it's own don't use any cloth or towel to rub the skin You can use coconut oil, petroleum jelly on the rashes You can corn starch either in wet or dry Use freshly expressed breastmilk apply like thin lining on rash area
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Question: Hii my baby is 6month old and she is having rashes what should i do?
Answer: Hi I have gone through the same past few days I had applied nos of thing but what helped me is Vaseline . Use Vaseline if will help uh as well .if you find my answer helpful then kindly give thumbs up
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Question: My Baby is having fever since last night and she is having very bad diaper rashes since couple of days before... What should i do and does rashes could be the reason for fever???
Answer: Hi! Yes rashes can be a reason fr fever pls take the baby to the Pead and detect the kind of rashes the baby has sometimes fever can happen after rashes and sometimes before but always better to rule out with a check up . Hope this helps!
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