37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My edd is 9 August and according to my ultrasound my baby is not in head down position. delivery date tk baby head down position main ajaega na?

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Answer: Yes there are chances that babys head gets engaged before delivery date..dont worry.. Good luck.
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Question: How to find out that baby is in head down position or not by ultrasound report?
Answer: You will find your belly suddenly heavy at the bladder area. Breathing becomes easier than before..as earlier baby's head used to give pressure to ribs and you were easily suffocated due to the pressure. After head down position you will feel pressure on bladder. This makes you urinate frequently. These signs show that baby is in head down position
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Question: I'm in 9months my due date is near 14days,now my baby position is head in vocal position little bit down position,not completely head down position plz advice what to do for normal delivery.
Answer: Hello dear, you don't have anything to worry so early baby will move several times until last few weeks and then their head gets fixed in the last 3-4 weeks...so don't worry...and just do light exercises..of your doctor permits..take care 😊
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Question: My edd is 12 august n according to ultrasound its 6 august..which one is correct..?
Answer: Hello! Please go by the lmp. The due date as per usg keeps on changing as per the growth and development. Even doctors consider the edd as per the lmp. Take care Take care
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