36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My EDD is 19 july....can i go for C-section on 20 june... doctor said to admit

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Answer: S u can go but baby head should be down and ur getting labour pain then u can go for.but some hospital people are nowadays for money says something like infection is there we have to admit if everything will not get cure we are going to admit like that they are saying few of my friends have faced it .n again with delivery they got discharge and went for the main due date to delivery
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    krishma karthik107 days ago

    Without delivery they got discharged.pleas aware of it only if u get labour pain or plenty of white watery discharge is going on den please go Unless please don't go even me also admited on Tuesday got discharged and they charged for 4days 36k

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    Neelam Bhagtani107 days ago

    Even my edd is on july 28th...but i dont have any complication..but dr.told me admit on 10th july...on 10th july my week os 36th

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Answer: Dear EDD in an ultrasound done in the 1st trimester of pregnancy is considered as most accurate date of delivery.if an ultrasound date in the 1st scan differs from your LMP date by 7 or more, would go with the ultrasound.all the best
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Question: Hi all.. Today I consult doctor.. She said admit on tomorrow for c section due to lack of amniotic fluid is it safe can i go for it
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Answer: Hi ,, now I'm in 39weeks but still not having labour pain. My Doc. Suggest me to drink castrol oil, means arendel oil.. It's normal Wat??
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