13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My edd as per lmp is 30th August and as per usg it is 9th September. Which one I can consider

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Answer: Consider usg as this as per the growth of baby..!!
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Question: In scan it shows one week delay in baby growth. .now I've to consider edd as per lmp or usg
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. LMP is date after which you have conceived. Scan gives date according to growth of baby. So scan can be accurate. When it comes to delivery we should be prepared at least ten days ahead of the date. Good luck
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Question: My lmp was 17may18 so as per this my edd is coming 21feb and as per USG my edd is 09feb so which one is correct ..which one i should follow .
Answer: First sonography wht is ur edd that one is correct don't follow other sonography reports.
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Question: my edd by lmp is 8 june and by 9th month sonography its 18 june..which one to consider?
Answer: My edd according to lmp was 29 may and by usg it was 14 june but my delivery was more accurate to my lmp as my delivery was on 30 may
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Question: My lmp is aug 16 but as per scanning edd is june 5.but as per lmp it is may25.which one should consider why it is like that .can any one answer
Answer: Lmp is normally taken bt till this date not get pain wait for usg date 10 day s usually plus or minus ur delivery date so last month carefully for analays
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