40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due is 18th yesterday went to Check up dr said uterus little bit open... it's good for normal delivery

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Answer: Hi. Yes if uterus is open its a positive sign. Be active as much as you can , walk walk and lots of walking would help.
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Question: Hi mam yesterday I went to check up doctor said to me uterus is open to little finger size, so when I will see my baby
Answer: hi dear! so you can be dilated for weeks with around 1cm dilatation dear. so its hard to say dear. normally it should be less than a week but dont panic if there is no labour dear. take care dear.
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Question: Hello... Yesterday I went for check up dr. Told water is less.. Have to go for c section delivery.. Everything is normal.. What should I do
Answer: if the amniotic fluid is less the doctor will say to do c-section . it is because to avoid the complications to the baby . no need to be worried, now you are 35 weeks pregnant and your baby have enough growth . if the Doctor had said you to do C section delivery then you can do it .
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Question: Yesterday I went to check up.. My doctor said placenta is 2cms away from the cervix?? I m worried.. Is it possible to normal delivery??
Answer: Hi dear Don't worry ,Its quite common,  uterus grows, the placenta will go with it, moving up and away from the cervix.,but it doesn't mean that you will have c section, With proper care and timely medicine and follow ups with your gynec, normal delivery is possible. Keep smiling!!
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