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Question: My due date today but not pains reason plss

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Answer: Hi.. Dear if your baby has not arrived by the 40th week of pregnancy, you may start to worry about overdue pregnancy. Rest assured that, usually, an overdue pregnancy is just the result of a miscalculated due date. You may feel heavy and weary at this point, so make sure to get lots of rest. Remember to do your kick counts as they can help you monitor your baby’s health. If your baby is truly overdue, you may need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is still doing well, and your health-care provider may have to induce labor... You can eat papaya at this stage..
Answer: Hello dear, after 37 weeks you can feel labour pain anytime. It could be start earlier and later your due date. Labour pain is a natural process. There is not a fix time to start, you can consider around your due date. Find ways to relax. Labour will not begin if you're tense, worried or trying hard to start labour. .. Go for a walk. If you are having contractions but are not yet in labour, walking can help get things going. ... Have sex. ... Take castor oil or evening primrose oil. ... Eat spicy food. ... Try nipple stimulation.
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Question: My due date is 24th but still no labour pains pls reason
Answer: Hi dear don't worry. And consult doctor as may be doctor will induce labour pain to make ur labour pain start but plz now don't wait for the same if doctor.suggest u for c sec as going forward and waiting long can give problem in pregnancy as now ur amonotic fluid will go down.
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Question: My due date is today but i did ot get any pains
Answer: Hello, dear its normal and usually in first pregnancy it does happen so dont worry just do mild but frequent walk and also if possible stimulate your nipples that can help induce pains.
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Question: today is my due date but still have no pains...how long i should wait wait for labour pains?
Answer: Check wit doctor...if baby is in grade 3 maturity nd cervix dilated u can get any time pains...drink milk wit ghee..
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Question: Today is my due date..but still no labour pain..what is the reason?
Answer: Hi,don't worry,Dr will check if there are any chances of you going into labor or will induce pain or will suggest you to go in for a csec deliverey.dependinh on the medical condition and cervix dilation
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