35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is 8 th dec but recently i visited to my doctor she has done my ultrasound and now my doctor is syng according to my report now my due date is on 23rd November .is it possible ?

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Answer: Hello Am happy to help you Please do not go by dates given in scan. Always follow the date as per your LMP. Take care. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up thanks
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    Amrita Chatterjee787 days ago

    I think just following LMP is wrong. Regular scans always gives better result of babies growth. Most Singleton are born after 37 weeks when they r considered full term. Trust the doctor and their judgement

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Question: Hi.. my LMP was on 4 th November 2017 ; my doctor said according LMP my due date will be on 11 th August 2018.. But due to pre-term labour on last month doctor suggested me scanning and in scanning result my due date is changed from 11 th August to 6th August . So now what is my exact week of pregnancy?
Answer: Dear week will remain the same as you said due to preterm labour the date has been changed but that doesn't change the time your baby has been there inside you. The weeks and months will remain the same. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi according to scan report my due date is 3rd August and my lmp was 5 th November 2017 and my due date according to lmp is 12 th august.my doubt is which due date i have to consider and in which month iam 9 th or 8 th
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it is purely normal to have some different dates in usg and lmp.as it is not possible to get a correct sharp date as when u got pregnant so complete natural to hav difference of 2 week wit usg. U should consider d date with lmp. All the best.
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Question: According to my LMP my due date is 29th November and according to ultrasound it is 6 th December. Which should I consider due date? Plz let me know...I m very comfused.
Answer: Lmp is ur last period date so normally by adding 40 weeks they calculated ur due date which can vary. Where in scan it shows due date as per baby growth rate (which also can vary) but u can consider this date. As it's as per baby growth
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