39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is on 19 oct. My baby hasnt dropped yet. Should i do to bring him/her down? I am walking morning n evening.

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Answer: Hi dear surely u can walk and also do pelic exercise after discussing from doctor. U can also have few spoon of castor oil if doctor approved. U can eat papaya pineapple.
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Question: Hi.. My due date is 15th July. My baby is in cephalic position, but hasn't dropped down. What should I do? Will I have a normal delivery?
Answer: hi dear baby can drop or get his head fixed any time before labour pain starts even in many cases it has been noted that to their baby got fixed in pelvic area two hours before labour pain was started so don't worry about it . if you are having normal pregnancy then you should be active as much as possible go for walk.
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Question: My due date is 15 march..9th months ends on 8th march...but baby hasn't come down till now.what should i do to bring it down?
Answer: Hello, gently poke or jiggle your baby bump. You can use a birthing ball, start by walking 10 minutes then walk for 20 to 30 minutes. Walking opens the hips and relaxes the pelvis, which may induce your baby to drop. Do squatting 5 to 10 times a day, sand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms out in front of you for balance. While keeping your back straight, gently squat to a comfortable level. Do 5 to 10 squats. If you haven’t been exercising consistently, start with 5 squats. You can lift your pelvis. Which helps baby to drop. Try all these exercises if still the baby doesn't drop you can meet you meet your gynaecologist.
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Question: Today I went to hsptl.Doctor said baby is not dropped yet.What should I do? My due date is june 26
Answer: Hi dear. Its a natural process so you can't do much in it. You can try a position, lay straight on bed or mat , keep your hips in elevated position suspended in air , your feet touching your ground. Stay in this position for few seconds, repeat it several times but do it only if your body will allow you to so. Hopefully your body will take position.
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