34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is on 5-4-19. But since it's my third delivery through Caesarean, my doctor told me that I have to deliver 2-3 weeks before my due date as waiting may rupture my previous stitches. And the baby's head has also come down. I am worried cause I had planned everything according to the month of April. Is it better to wait or do as the doc says

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Answer: Listen your doctor's talks
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Question: actually my due date is may 2. but last week check up doctor says according to scan your due date changed is April 17 ,it's possible or not
Answer: Due date keeps on changing due to ovulation, progress of preganancy and baby activities. So don't worry if the difference is for 15-20 days
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Question: According to my LMP my due date is 5th april. But my gynecologist said 21st april as per ultra sound. Why so? According to which date i should be prepare?
Answer: Hey, Congrats firstly, LMP is just for the doctors to give an approximate due date, but my doctor said it is the Ultrasound which gives the right date. And also it highly unlikely to give birth 9n the due date. It is not a matter to be worried bout. Hope you have a safe delivery and a healthy child! Kudos
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Question: As per my lmp my due date is 22 April and according to USG it is 9may. What would be the probable date as my gynae said it will be even before 22 april
Answer: Hi dear, you didnt mention your lmp. Your due date is what your gynac calculated.
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