38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is march 8.Today dctr did PV test and said that come and admit on march 6.can you please explain how they knew that its not the time for delivery?

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Answer: Hello By seeing your way of private part doctor will understand.
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Question: Today doctor has done PV... this is my second delivery and i am on 37 weeks and my due date is on May 10...Doctor told that the baby has come down and there is some blood stains was there and informed that 1 finger is going inside... After PV how long it will take for delivery
Answer: hi dear cervix has to dialate up to 10cm for labour pain start and to have normal delivery it will take time dear be patient
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Question: My due date is march 10...still i m not getting any pain...doctor said admit on march 10...what should i do...i need normal delivery....
Answer: hi if you are not getting normal pain that the doctor me try to induce pain which will help you you should also try and take one leave because this sometimes help in reducing labour if nothing will help in doctor me try for a c-section delivery or advise to go in for a C section delivery
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Question: Hi. My due date is on March 26. My AFI level is 8. Dr said that you should admit on 15th March will induce. Is there any problem to induce.
Answer: Hi dear, There is no issue in inducing labor.since you would be full term by then,delivering your baby would.be safe too.
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