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Question: My Due date is Jan 9 2019.. my husband met with an accident due to which i dnt want delivery in december month.. any precautions please suggest

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Answer: Delivery is never in our hands.
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Question: Hi my due date is 14 jan 2019 as per my LMP. But my scan report showing edd is 23 jan 2019. I didn't feel any labour pain. Please tell me which date is correct one.
Answer: Scan date is more accurate because it's based on the growth of the baby. Wait till then dear and then doctor will advise what to do
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Question: My last date is 2 jan 2019 so what is my due date and which datemy 3 month is completed
Answer: Hi dear, your due date would be around 8th October. And your 3rd month will be complete on 16th April.
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Question: What to do for normal delivery ..my due date is 8th jan 2019
Answer: Hi dear, For normal delivery first of all your scans and blood reports need to be normal.there should be no complications related to: 1- placental position 2-amniotic fluid index 3- blood pressure 4- gestational diabetes 5- cord around baby neck 6- baby position Baby should be in cephalic presentation,that is head down during delivery. Try to be active throughout,I know it is difficult at this stage but trust me it does help in labor,and making your body flexible.try to be as relax as you can.deep breathing during labor helps to handle the pain.the contractions are intense and strong but you can handle them if you are relaxed.doctors would also help you during the labor for support.donot waste your energy in unnecessary pushing.push only during contractions and only when the cervix opens to post 8.it should be fine ,just relax.
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Question: I will be completing my 9 months on 3 jan 2019.My due date is on 6 jan 2019 as per my sonography but i m not yet getting the labor pain. What to do please suggest
Answer: Wait dear... labor can induce any of time...
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