36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is 23sept but my Dr said around 10days any time delivery will happen is it possible

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Answer: It t true. Delivery can happen anytime after 37 weeks. Good Luck. Take care :)
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Question: My edd in usg 17th dec and dr said 20th so is it possible 10th dec delivery will happen
Answer: If you are getting labour pain then it is possible
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Question: My expected delivery date was 27 feb but now my Dr said that your delivery date is delayed at 6 march?why does it happen?
Answer: Its quite normal. The days are calculated based on actual conceive date but also with help of ultra sound. Also many factors like birth weight, growth etc. Don't worry.
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Question: Is it possible normal delivery after due date??
Answer: Ya sure u definitely take the sex with ur hubby bcz if ur veginal root can flexible to deliver ur baby will deliver easily.
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Question: If till end of due date no pains dr will induce pains is it possible for normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear. Artificial pains are induced to make normal delivery possible only. So if your baby has taken head down position then dcotor will try to make normal delivery possible by inducing the pains. Once they start they are same like contractions you get in labir pains. Hope it helps.
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