40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date is August 6, but still I didn't feel any symptoms of delivery.. what should I do

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Question: Hi my delivery date is 16th August.. but still i didn't get delivery symptoms is it any problem??
Answer: Hello, Dear sometimes this happen that pains didn't start till 40 week so don't worry just relax it will start otherwise your doctor will Induce the pains if it didn't start. There is no problem at all it's completely fine and normal.
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Question: I'm near my due date but still now I didn't get delivery pain what should I do for that
Answer: You tube la appatha samayal nu oru Chennai iruku adha parunga..adhula oru Patti supera tips kuduthurukanga... Sombu kasayam kudikaradhu,vilakennaila amblet poduradhu...ungaluku usefulla irukum
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Question: My due date has passed yesterday...n i still didn't have any signs of labor...what should i do?
Answer: I really recommend doing nothing at all and just being patient.  Your doctor will know when it is time to take further action, and maybe it means your baby just isn't ready yet!
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