36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my due date is April 20th ,baby in cephalic presentation with grade 3 maturity placenta but no labour pains yet yy?

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Answer: Don't be worried dear......It can start any time. Be patient
Answer: I think you should wait till 39th week
Answer: Mostly pains nahi hote
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Question: Iam 32 weeks pregnant... What is anterior placenta upper segment with grade 2 maturity.. Baby was in cephalic presentation..
Answer: Hello Dear anterior placenta means it is placed in front of the uterus. Nothing to worry not common but it is not problematic too. It means sumtym yu have bleeding if it is low, yur baby movement will be delayed and yu may sumtym need rest. So don't worry it is safe but needs monitoring. Take care
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Question: my due date is 20th April but no labour pains yet my doctor said to join on 21 st n vl induce pains is it safe?
Answer: You can wait for atleast 4 to 5days if there are no other complications(high b.p, IUGR,infections, more baby weight , diabetes etc).some babies may stay more time in the womb upto 1 to 2 weeks.
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Question: hi..I am 38 week pregnant..I have grade 3 placenta..baby is in cephalic position but head is not yet fixed..my due date is 11june..baby weight is 3.2...i am worried with grade 3 placenta...
Answer: Pregnancy k end tak pahunchte pahunchte placenta bhi weak hone lagta hai. It is not the thing to worry. U should consult ur doctor. Baby weight is good..
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