Few days old baby

Question: My due date is almost here... How can I prepare myself

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Answer: Just take a deep breath and pack your hospital bag...
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Question: How i can prepare myself for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few tips of normal delivery Take childbirth education classes Convey your desire of having a normal birth Keep a healthy diet Exercise regularly Let the baby choose the due date Sleep adequately. Take care.
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Question: how to prepare myself in normal delivery
Answer: Dnt take stress believe in God he is the best planner ☺
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Question: How to prepare myself for c section
Answer: Hi! Pregnancy is beautiful with some associated challenges, in C-Section delivery you need to keep certain things in mind which actuallt helps in post partum, see mental preparation is the main need in C-section because after operation first few days r really tough saying ths from personal experience.. Things i took care before going to hospital is ; I made space for baby in cupboard, got my entire flat cleaned, bought a boppy fr easy feeding, appointed a help fr initial days etc. and few suggestion post operation which r very important and all from personal experience.. 1) Once the anasthesia effect is gone the incision is very painful however it subsides with painkiller effects. 2) You will be trained in the hospital how to feed your child , however you need to keep your posture straight, have back support, its better to buy a boppy pillow this time it will help you to breastfeed. 3) Better to have a helping hand for few days till the time you cope with your own body and baby well. 4)After operation passing stool will be challenging for which you will be given a laxative apart from that please take natural laxatives, like prunes, papaya, overnight soaked raisins these are natural stool softener, have lots of water it will help. Good luck and take care!
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