11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my dr suggest me to stay away from mobile and TV . is it harmful fr baby development

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Answer: Hello! Mobile is harmful fir every one but limited use is fine as it has become the important part of our life. Same goes with TV. There is no problem, if used in limited timelines.
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Question: I have normal delivery. Now every one is saying stay away from phone TV books why
Answer: Coz our body is stressed n weak coz of delivery n these things will stress out our eyes n make thm weak
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Question: my baby is 3 month old. she watches TV and mobile. is it safe for her?
Answer: Your baby is very small to watch any electronic device continuously for long hours. It can hurt her eyes. To watch TV or mobile very rarely is ok since the babies start differentiating colours later because when they are born they can see only in black and white.
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Question: How to stay away baby from musquito bite
Answer: Hi! Try using mosquito bat to kill them. It will be controlled over a week. Use the bat regularly every few hours. Especially before bedtime. And use net to protect the baby. please put mesh for the windows... it cuts down on the mosquito menace. Use mosquito nets .Mosquito bites can be removed by diluting coconut oil in neem oil, you can apply the mix with cotton balls daily to remove the marks.. Hope this helps!
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