25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my dr said that amniotic fluid is less in me.. for that what should i do to cure..

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Answer: drink more water and eat more fluid rich fruits
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Question: Am 37 week pregnant ... Doctor said to me, my amniotic fluid is less so what i do?
Answer: Hello! For less amniotic fluid, please drink plenty of water. Along with it have a coconut water on daily basis, include fruits and vegetables which have more water content like watermelon, strawberry, capsicum, lettuce. This will all help to increase the amniotic fluid. Take care
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Question: Doctor said amniotic fluid is less, what to do
Answer: Drink lots of water and take rest as much as you can. Don't take stress.
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Question: What can I do for increasing amniotic fluid.... Doctor said amniotic fluid is slightly less.. pls help
Answer: One way to increase amniotic fluid volume and potentially avoid this condition is simply by drinking more water. 
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