20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My dr recommend me to have macgest Sr300 why it is so

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Answer: It is a progesterone supplement given to help the quality of your pregnancy you can take it it is ongoing to cause you any harm.
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Question: Is pregnancy why dr recommend
Answer: Hi! Please specify your question regarding pregnancy so that we can answer properly. Thank you!
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Question: What is level 2 scan... My dr recommend me.. Is there any problem with me... Dats y dr said to have it. Or it is usualy suggested ??
Answer: Tiffa scan is usually done between 18 weeks to 20 weeks. doctor will check all the internal and external organs of the baby. go for scan. there is no problem with you. all the best.
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Question: My dr prescribed me Macfolate & Macgest SR 200..
Answer: These are the necessary medicines to be taken during first trimester macfolate is the folic acid will help in the development of the brain Macgest is progesterone hormone which is given to sustain the pregnancy and prevent the bleeding.
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Question: I have irregular period and it is very difficult to predict my ovulation so Dr recommend me iui whether it has any side effects
Answer: Have u tried ovulation kits available in markets, name is like" I know " they really help to know when you ovulate, if it still doesnt help then take second opinion before going for any treatment.
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