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Question: My double marker report came today and it shows low risk.... Is there anything to worry??

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Answer: No dear...if report is saying low risk then it means its ok ...no need to worry ...
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    Rinku Th654 days ago

    Thanks :)

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Question: My double marker report came today and it shows low risk.... Is there anything to worry??
Answer: Hi dear, it won't be a problem, it is fine if some results are high then doctor might go with triple marker scan but that too if risk is high.
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Question: I have done qudraple marker test and it shows low risk of down syndrome. Is there anything to worry.
Answer: Hi dear, There is no need to worry If the test show low risk of chromosomal abnormality. This test does not diagnose anything particular but indicates the chances of any abnormalities. Some cases even If the test is negative,there is no guarantee that there won't be any chromosomal abnormality in the baby. If your doctor feels anything suspicious,he can ask you for further tests and the risk involved with such tests. So you have to decide accordingly.as of now do not stress and go by what your doctor says.
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Question: My NT NB scan report is 2.1 and double marker if low risk it is ok
Answer: If the result is low risk it is normal don’t need to worry.The double marker test results are usually given as screen positive and screen negative. ... If your test results show screen negative, it may indicate that there is a low risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Take care
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Question: I did my double marker test at 12 week and 3 days. The overall result shows low risk but it is noted that my free beta HCG is low about 0.40 MoM. Is there anything to worry?
Answer: hi dear! low free beta hcg will have a rick of iugr dear(intrauterine growth reduction). it does not mean your baby has this but you might be at a risk. so normally the height weight will be closely measured by the doctor to see if there is any problem . the doctor will measure this in every scan he takes. dont worry it is not necessary that if you have low free beta hcg means iugr. so dont worry ! take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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