14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My double marker is positiVe for trisomy21 what should i do

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Answer: Hi mom, don't worry some times it happens like this, but it may be correct or not correct, so go forward and check out in triple marker test
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Question: I missed my double marker tesr, what should I do
Answer: Dear if you haven't got the double marker test done you could have got the NT scan done for yours. Both are done to detect the down syndrome. If the NT scan is done and the values are normal then no further or other test is required. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is double marker test results 100% reliable? And if comes positive what to do
Answer: Hii there is no surety for 100% on any report. One thing i can say is, there is a test for chromosome in which they take a fluid from you and check it for any down syndrome. But remember the false ration of such test is high. So just enjoy your pregnancy.high ratio in double marker can also be due to any placental problem.  So crusk of the matter is u need to consult a good experienced doctor to get a better overview. All the best.
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Question: In double marker test trisomy 21 is positive what to do
Answer: Go for NIPT or IPT to confirm that baby is fine or has any anomaly
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