13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My double maker test result is hcg beta free is 14.70 and papp.a is 1.07 is ok

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Question: What is double maker test
Answer: Hi,this test is done between 16-22 weeks .it helps to know the proper growth and development of the baby. It helps to know if there is any down syndrome or if there is any chromosomal abnormalities in the baby.
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Question: In my double marker test result my free beta hcg is high (2.8 mom) rest papp a is fine. is there anything to worry
Answer: hello.. dear you need an doctor advice.. There were 54.6% (6/11) of Down syndrome pregnancies and 5% (10/200) of unaffected pregnancies with free beta-hCG levels greater than 2.5 MoM. high levels of beta hcg could be the cause of downs syndrome... dont worry talk to your doctor about this.. all the best
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Question: I have gone through double marker test and result is free beta hcg is 50.81IU/I and PAPP-A is 1.947 IU/I. And also the given sample is found screen negative. Please let me help to know the result.
Answer: Beta HCG and papp-a are the biochemical markers to recognise the down syndrome in foetus. screen negative means that the risk of foetus to have chromosomal abnormality like down syndrome or trisomy 18 and trisomy 21is less. That good sign.
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