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Question: My doctor told me to undergo hysterscopic polyp removal of uterus and D&C too next month so whether tis procedure will done in anesthetic or will b having pain during procedure

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Question: Hi am in 6th month of pregnancy. Before conceiving septum removal has been done for me. And during 4th month of pregnancy suture has been done. Am scared whether normal delivery is possible for me or not
Answer: This is natural for you to get worried because of both the procedures but do not worry we should hope for the best the best I will reduce to bed rest as much as you can because if cervical stitches have been placed then you need to bed rest do not change your position always bed rest only setup to eat or go to bath or go to loo that is it no extra movements the more you bed rest the more we can take this pregnancy till full term and taking supplements properly your harmonal medication that will be given to you to help balancing in any hormonal problem that has already been happening do not worry you can deliver but it is very important to follow the guidelines
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Question: I'm into 36 weeks done with Doppler is in cephalic position.....wen will i get to know whether i will undergo c section or normal delivery??
Answer: At 36 weeks baby cephalic position means it's a normal normal delivery.
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Question: Doctor told me that the baby has dropped but the mouth of uterus isnt opened yet...what should be done in this case so that mouth of uterus opens up..i dont want c-sec..
Answer: Get admitted n ask doc to use drip to induce labor pain...same thng happend wid me ...bear d pain n it will definately b a normal delivery
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