32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor suggested me to take iron folic acid tablet.. two times a day. Can i take these tablets two times or any problem will be there????

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Answer: I hope u taking cakcium tablets as well...so there should b atleast 1.5 hrs gap between iron and calcium tablets ...just keep in mind...
Answer: It's OK if u have not any complication of difficulty... Take care
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    Mathangi vinoda kumari470 days ago

    U can take no problem...

Answer: You can take it no problem
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Question: After 3 Months my doctor suggested to stop Folic Acid tablets and asked to take Iron tablets. Will it effect my baby because I am not using Folic Acid.
Answer: No it will not effect your baby and you both. Generaly it require in 3 months and may continue even after. But as you said your doctor suggest to stop so you should stop and start to take iron tablets which is recammanded to you
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Question: Does iron tablets contain folic acid? Or I would have to take folic acid tablets separately?
Answer: Iron tablet is different from folic acid tablet u need to take iron tablet, calcium tablet n also folic tablet
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Question: Folic acid medicines I have to take two times a day aur one time a day plz tell me
Answer: Congrats for ur pregnanccy Taking one time is enough
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