7 months old baby

Question: My doctor said not to give formula milk to baby because it’s made from cow milk. Is it true??

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Answer: hi dear no this is not the fact , formula milk and made with experts with including all the nutrition required for the babies, there is specially made for babies
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Question: Can i give cow milk to my 1 month old baby? Because he is not taking milk directly from breast.
Answer: No dear. Absolutely cant. Upto one year u should not give cow milk to babies as it causes allergy and cough to babies. Try giving breast milk. It is best food for baby.why is not sucking. Try to put areola ( black parts around nipple) to his mouth. He will suck. U can use breast pump to take out milk
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Question: cow milk milk is not recommended up to 1 yr but formula is made up of cow milk
Answer: Hello dear. Its completely not made with cow's milk. It's the food based on cow's milk or soya protein, given as a substitute for breast milk. It would made of nutrients that's suppose to be given to your little one at that particular age. Take care.
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Question: Many people say that milk formula is bad rather cow milk should be given, as it improves the mind while formula milk doesn't. How true is it and is it safe to start cow milk from 3rd month?
Answer: Cow milk doesn't digest in baby until she became one yr old. Formula milk is good for baby it contains essential nutrients. You can see it on fm packs
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