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Question: My doctor said my baby is having only single umbilical artery, what are the effects with the SUA?

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Answer: umbilical cord consists of two arteries and one vein . the vein carries oxygenated blood to the baby and the arteries carries the deoxygenated blood from baby . mostly single artery does not affect the baby and does not create any birth defect . so don't worry about it
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Question: My doc said i have SUA single umbilical artery, in which the baby has only one vein and artery instead of one vein and two arteries. Is there still any hope to have a health baby with a natural delivery?!
Answer: Hi dear, I had the same thing during my pregnancy.for me I got to know post delivery,when they sent the umbilical cord for examination.i got scared too just like you,did lot of research etc.then got to know it is quite normal,and maximum cases it appears to be normal.i was asked to do a renal scan of baby,and I got that done too.it came normal and I was so releived by then.so please donot stress out ,I am sure it would be fine.my baby is 5years now and very much healthy.
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Question: What are the complications with single artery umbilical cord
Answer: Hi dear, I had the same problem in my pregnancy.thoygh I got to know only during delivery.but everything came out normal.single artery cord in rare case has issues with renal system.most of the cases come out normal.post delivery do a scan of your baby urinary system.i am sure everything would be fine.
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Question: What are the effects of Single umbilical artery (SUA) ??? Is it anything to worry about ??
Answer: Hi dear, Usually, an umbilical cord has two arteries, along with a single vein. The vein carries oxygen and nutrients to your baby, and the arteries remove waste products.but in single umbilical artery as the name says would have one artery instead of two.it is usually not an issue.most of the babies are born healthy and have absolutely no issue.although few percentage of babies with single umbilical artery, there is a higher incidence of poor fetal growth and a slightly increased risk for renal anomalies.my baby had this,and post birth we got her renal scan done,which was normal.and now she's 5 years old and doing absolutely fine.so donot panic.
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