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Question: my doctor said i have a small tumor on my left side of ovary from the day my first ultrasound done of pregnancy ! right now I am 21 week pregnant !

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Answer: If it is not danger .to's ok
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    Roshani1249 days ago

    Doctor said you will feel more pain during pregnancy compare to others! All i want to know that it is common to have such complexity ?

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Question: I am on 9th week running.. I have 5-6 cysts on left ovary and 3 cysts on right ovary. I get slight pain on the left and right side. I am scared of torsion. could you please suggest
Answer: hello.. dear During a woman's menstrual cycle, an egg grows in a sac called a follicle. This sac is located inside the ovaries. In most cases, this follicle or sac breaks open and releases an egg. But if the follicle doesn't break open, the fluid inside the follicle can form a cyst on the ovary. ovarian cysts during pregnancy are functional cysts. Unless they become very large, these types of ovarian cysts don't affect fertility. Functional cysts — such as follicular cysts or corpus luteum cysts — are the most common type of ovarian cyst. Functional cysts form during a normal menstrual cycle and don't cause or contribute to infertility. dont worry dear.. talk to your doctor.. he suggests yo best medications. However, just drinking plenty of water and improving your diet can help cleanse the liver. Make sure to drink filtered water, as most tap and many bottled waters can contain trace amounts of hormonal medication. This can actually make your cyst worse. Also, soft plastic bottles contain BPA, which has been linked to undescended testicles in newborn boys. BPA mimics estrogen in your body, which may aggravate the ovaries. Try to drink from glass or metal containers, and avoid microwaving or freezing plastics. The two most common complications with ovarian cysts are ovarian torsion and ruptured cysts. Both require immediate medical treatment. In ovarian torsion, the weight of the cyst causes the ovary to twist, which cuts off its blood supply. This will feel like debilitating pain in the side the cyst is located. If this happens, contact your doctor right away. he might put you on antibiotics and monitor you and your baby.. so trust and follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: I am having pain and small lemon size tumor n my bottom of the left side breast wat it is
Answer: hii dear welcome to can apply a warm compress such as a warm wash cloth onto the plugged duct in between nursing. The best time to use a warm compress is right before nursing so that you can loosen the duct to remove the most milk.also don't wear tight or uncomfortable bra. Take a warm shower and hand express your milk while massaging the swollen area from the top of the breast, towards the nipple.If your breast is not completely drained after a feeding, you should try pumping after feedings.Trying different positions while breastfeeding, might help the milk flow easier.You can use a cold compress after feedings for pain relief.Make sure you get enough rest.Drink plenty of fluids and clean water.Eat well 
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Question: After of my ultrasound. My dr. said my have a pelviectasis on the the right kidney? What should i do?
Answer: Hi! Right renal pyelactasis is a condition where the renal pelvis or the pelvis of kidney of the baby a little dilated or enlarged and not an uncommon or dangerous condition it can be cured on its own during the course of pregnancy itself, however it depends on the enlargement of it and if its not cured spontenously there might be some urological problem later in the baby. Hope this helps!
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