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Question: My doctor said after 20mm size a follicle if egg is not release it became a cyst it is true

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Answer: hi dear! The follicle size is appropriate for the stage of your cycle and ovulation should occur quite likely on day 13 or 14. The follicles usually start at 5-6mm and progressively increase until about 20-21mm before the egg is released. and if ovulation does not occur it forms a cyst inside. This can be a problem, because it creates a thicker outside membrane, and so, when the new follicle needs to rupture its shell to release the egg, the job gets harder and harder. take care dear.
Answer: Yes... Poly cycstic over... Check whether u have poly cystic over or not. Dont over about. Nowadays pco can be treated easily and u can get pregnant also. Just have the medicines and little walking helps to recover frm pco
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Question: Its my third round i took clomid this time egg size on 14th day is 18mm otherwise before egg size was 21 22mm... This time dr said no need of injection to release the egg... Just do try egg size ia good... As u have cyst so we r not guving u injection.... Can i convince with cyst?
Answer: If the excise crosses 25 mm then the pregnancy gets difficult but since your exercise is all good you must try to have sexual intercourse repeatedly everyday or every alternate day to help achieve a pregnancy I will also request you to detail me what kind of cyst was your gynecologist referring to was she referring to your follicle size or was shee referring to a cyst that is present in your uterine wall
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Question: Does the follicle size 20 to 22 mm definitely contains egg ?? After taking letrozole is it fruitful
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally between 18 to 30 is considered normal. So your is within the range so there is high chances of you conceiving. And medicine is going to increase those chances. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have pain in left ovary side i think it is cyst but after i scanned doctor told that its an egg and not cyst is it cyst or egg
Answer: Veelu Telugu lo questions ardam avavemo English lo adagandi
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