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Question: my doctor said about painless delivery that is epidural anesthesia? in this labour pain less.but I wanna know about it more?

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Answer: Epidural helps in relieving the lower body pain i.e. waist down. It is injected in your lower back, you will be monitored throughout for your blood pressure and also the baby’s heart rate will be monitored. It will decrease the sensation but you will be awake to push your baby out with your pain relieved. Also it does not have any negative effects on the newborn. My sister and friends have had deliveries with epidural and they do say the pain was relieved !
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    Sonam Sharma996 days ago

    Thanku so much

Answer: It is anaesthesia dear. An epidural is a way to give an aesthetic by injecting it into the epidural space of the spinal cord. This stops pain signals from reaching the brain. When a woman has an epidural, a small amount of aesthetic is injected into the epidural space. It helps reduce pain during pregnancy. But some women complain of back pain later in their life if they have had anaesthesia by epidural procedure.
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    Sonam Sharma995 days ago


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Question: Did anyone discuss with doctor regarding epidural anesthesia. Is it safe for mom and baby for painless normal delivery.
Answer: Hello! Epidural anesthesia is safe and many mom's do swear by it. But everything has its pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of painless delivery. Pros The truth is that labor pain is the mother of all pains, and if you can experience a positive childbirth experience minus the pain — why not? Epidurals help a woman cope better with post-par tum depression or exhaustion better. An epidural helps if your baby is not facing your backbone, and is not moving from the position in which it faces the belly button. The epidural injection will relax your vaginal muscles and provide space for the baby to descend. A painless delivery by way of an epidural means there is a dip in the blood pressure of the mother. This is a benefit, because in natural labor, the mother has high BP and there are risks of the pressure reaching dangerously high levels and ending in a stroke. An epidural makes it easy if the doctor has to carry out a forceps delivery or when an emergency C-section is needed. Studies show that epidurals prevent damage that would otherwise occur to the pelvic muscles during a normal delivery. Cons Epidurals could cause backache, dizziness or shivering. A dip in the mother’s BP during labor can lead to a slowing down of the heart beat rate in the baby, and if it doesn’t return to normalcy despite drugs/fluids, a Cesarean has to be carried out. There is also the risk of a mother-to-be experiencing severe headaches because of the fluid of the spine leaking. In certain cases, albeit very rare, there are chances of irretrievable damage to the nerves. Some studies have suggested that babies born in a painless delivery procedure could be a little slow and pose breastfeeding problems. An epidural is likely to cause numbness in the lower parts of the body after delivery. You may need help while walking because of the numb feeling. The epidural, however, remains to be the most sought-after painless delivery method. Whether you are given one or not, it helps to get yourself acquainted with the options you have ahead of D-Day. You would also need to ask your expert about the manner in which epidurals are administered. Knowledge is power, so being prepared about the whole procedure helps.
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Question: Want to. Knw about epidural painless normal delivery. Is it really painless ?
Answer: Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor. It is injected when u want baby without pain. Epidural anesthesia eases pain while delivering a baby. Whether u want to have or not an epidural it is completely ur choice.
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Question: i wanna know about epidural... is it safe way of delivery
Answer:  Yes it's safe.. After taking epidural, u will be able to go for normal delivery. Doctor told me that out of 10 patients, 1 patient go for C - section even after epidural. After Epidural, patient don't feel pain bt able to give birth vaginally.
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