34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor prescribed me up arg 9 sachet, but this is not available, what could be the other substitute if this ? please guide ?

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Answer: Hi dear please do inform your doctor that arginine sachets are unavailable your doctor will definitely help you with the substitute of it .. Hope this helps!
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    Purnima Sharma89 days ago

    She is not available , can u please suggest of some other company sachet available?

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Question: Hi Doctor, i am in my 9 week of pregnancy. Today i went for a check up but my doctor was unable to get the heartbeat of my baby. Can you please guide me if this is normal or not??
Answer: Hi dear sometimes baby heartbeat get unnoticed being very slow. So u should visit ur doctor again in 11th week to get checked if baby got the heartbeat or not. If still it wi not be dere then doctoe may advise for the miscarriage.
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Question: What is the use of ARG9. Doctor prescribed me take 1 sachet daily aftr lunch. Is this safe to take
Answer: During pregnancy, ARG-9 sachets are given to increase the placental circulation, for better growth of baby and to reduce the chances of an early miscarriage. These are safely prescribed in pregnancy and may be continued till full term to avoid growth retardation and preterm labor. It is also prescribed if you have low amniotic fluid
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Question: Hi my amnoitic fluid was 8.3 and i'm 33 weeks pregnant ....my dr gave me antiros capsule and arg 9 sachet...since then i'm having constipation.......what could be the reason...
Answer: Hi dear I don't think arginine sachet or this capsule can cause you constipation constipation itself is very common during pregnancy it happens due to a lot of usage of you know Iron calcium and many other supplements that you take during your pregnancy and is very common, affects bothering you too much please shift to more easily digestible food items like oats and you can avoid rice and Maida etc. do not have any spicy or oil rich food have vegetables and fruits more and appear intake of water you can have soaked raisins you can have peas, pears, plum etc. to get rid of this problem Hope this helps!
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