37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor prescribed me to take betnesol injection. I am due in about 25 days. Is betnesol safe?

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Answer: Hie When the baby is born during 32-35 weeks of pregnancy, the lungs are not fully formed and functional. In such cases, these injections are given so that the lungs will be able to inflate easily without sticking together. It is usually given 24 hours before the probable preterm labour. the babies who are born preterm have underdeveloped lungs; betnesol is given to developing their lungs. However it may reduce your immunity and make you more prone to infection Would suggest discuss the same with our gynaclogist as she could recommend medicine to cope with situation
Answer: yes it is absolutely safe it is given in the cases where the baby's weight is not appropriate or for the lungs maturation of the child
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