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Question: My doctor prescribed me operation. Tomorrow I'll go to hospital but I'm so tensed and stressed about that .And my blood pressure is also high because of this. Please help me get rid of tension

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Answer: Don't worry dear... U won't face any kind of pain as they will give u anaesthesia and after the effect of anaesthesia also they'll give you pain killers and this is completely painless so don't be tensed
Answer: Don't worry once u enter in the hospital they will help u out, and don't take to much stress, it will effect on your baby's health.
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Question: I'm 31 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure is 150/100... blood sugar is also little bit high. which types of meal should i take? please help :'(
Answer: Hello dear.. The normal blood pressure value is 110/70 mg,if it goes beyond 140/90 mg,consider as high blood pressure,and it is common in pregnancy, follow these steps it may help you in control blood pressure... Monitor your intake of salt You should consume or reduce less salt intake,so that it may helps you lot in controlling blood pressure Don't stress yourself Avoid stress during pregnancy,is an another secret key to control BP,be calm,do your favourite activities,and make yourself relaxed Physical activity Exercise and physical wellness will help you lot in controlling blood pressure, engaging yourself activated throughout the day will help to control blood pressure Weight control Don't gain too much weight, because it may increase blood pressure,so have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,avoid fried item, packed snacks,and go for healthy snacks alternative Practice yoga yoga helps you relive from blood pressure, especially breathing techniques will give you tension free,happy pregnancy
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Question: How to get rid of preclamsia... The doctor who scanned me prescribed ecosprin.. But after consultating my regular doctor haven't prescribed ecosprin.. I'm confused.. how to get rid of preclamsia naturally..
Answer: If preeclampsia is suspected during a pregnancy, do not try to self-diagnose and treat at home; see the obstetrician as soon as possible. If the doctor suggests home care, try to get help with household chores and assistance watching other children if the patient is sent home on bed rest. The doctor may recommend that the patient or caregiver take and record blood pressures at home and provide the patient with instructions if certain symptoms or blood pressure levels occur. If questions or problems occur, call the obstetrician.
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Question: I m 10 weeks and i have hyper tension blood pressure. I m prescribed medicine to control it. Is high bp affects the growth of my child?
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes BP does affect the growth of your child.. You need to be stress free. Try meditating. Following what the doc says is important. Reduce salt in food, no sweets, junk food or restaurant food..walking daily will help a lot.. Be stress free and completely at peace. Sometimes bp can be Anxiety related. I have had high bp because of being worried whether the baby was ok etc . Go by doc instructions as high bp needs to be controlled. Good luck!
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