36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor prescribed be betnisol injection in 35weeks pregnancy for the maturity of the lungs of baby. Is there anyone else who were prescribed this injections. I read it on net this injections are of steroids..

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Answer: I had this injection last week....2 injection with 24 hours gap....
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    Saketha C1195 days ago

    Hi...is that anything to worry or normal...

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Question: My doctor has prescribed me betnesol injection even though i have no complaints except thyroid which is also controlled. Isnt this injection given only to people who are in risk for preterm labor? What are the side effects of this?
Answer: Hai. Betnesol injection mostly given durung pregnancy in 2 doses which is for the lung maturation of the baby, if there is a risk of premature baby or labour to protect the baby. There Wont be any side effects if there is only 2 doses. Pls better clarify with ur doctor
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Question: How long are aq susten injections given in pregnancy. Has anybody else too prescribed for the same?
Answer: Hi dear the susten injections are basically for a projector on supplement and progesterone supplement is given usually till 12 weeks of pregnancy safe your doctor has prescribed you to take these injections till 12 weeks of your pregnancy you can continue them and if it is suggested even after that time you can still continue there won't be any harm to your pregnancy rather it is beneficial in making your pregnancy sustainable and viable.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is there any side effects of the injection given for lungs maturity of the baby,?
Answer: Hi dear yes it can cause little side effects but those are temporary such as respiratory or hypertension for the mother and it even lowers the heart rate of the baby for a short time but all these resolved by themselves so if you are facing some greater difficulty then you should see a doctor
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