11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my doctor has ubinext-lc for leg pains n cramps should i take it

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Answer: hello.. dear yes its safe in pregnancy.. Ubinext Lc Tablet is used for Leg pain due to blocked arteries, Carnitine deficiency, High blood pressure, Chest pain trust and follow your doctor suggestions..
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Question: anyone has taken Evion LC tablet (vitamin e) for leg cramps? my doctor prescribed this
Answer: Leg cramps — painful involuntary musclecontractions that typically affect the calf, foot or both — are common during pregnancy. Try one or more of the following interventions to help relieve or prevent leg cramps: Exercise regularly, and include stretches that target your calves. Rest with your legs elevated. Wear supportive stockings. Massage your calves and feet. Apply local heat. Try to avoid the intake of tablet in this period
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Question: My doctor has adviced me to take EVIOn Lc ... Is it safe to take?
Answer: Hii Yes, this medicine is safe to use with caution if you are pregnant .this tablets are not proven to be harmful for fetus. These tablets are used as a dietary supplement (for the deficiency of vitamin E) in improving skeletal-muscular function. It is also helpful in the treatment of muscular . If u find the advise helpful plz press the like button. All the best.
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Question: I hav muscle pains leg cramps midnight n side bums paining at nights
Answer: Hi dear, Excessive body fluids build up is the main cause of such pains and cramps.ideally drink plenty of water and get your self warm oil massage.keep your legs warm as cold can make it worse.do some streching if possible.
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