13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor has advised me to do FTS (ultrasound and blood test). I am little worried about it. Can anyone please advise does FTS ultrasound test is safe for baby or not.

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Answer: Hi! FTS is First Time Screening or Nuchal Translucency test which is done between 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, the test is a specialized ultrasound with your age to find out any down syndrome in the baby, it has been able to give 98% proper result of a baby with down syndrome or chromosomal abnormality. A false positive test is what you have in healthy pregnancies. Please be positive and go for the test. Wishing you the best.
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Question: I am 12weeks pregnant.. Doctor has asked me to do FTS test.. Can anyone say what is it actually??
Answer: First trimestr screening test which include sonography and blood test.
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Question: My doctor advised me to do NIPT TEST. Is it mandatory and safe? Please suggest.
Answer: Have you already had a NT scan and a double /triple marker test. Because generally this test is done as an alternate to amniocentesis because this doesn't involve the actual puncturing of the amniotic sachets and it is more non invasive than amniocentesis. If you nt scan and triple marker test haven been done please send us the reports so that we can tell you if this is needed.
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Question: Hello ma'am, my doctor has advised me not to eat bittergourd, it is safe or not please suggest me..
Answer: It has many benefits even side effects along with it. Some of the major side effects r premature delivery, stomach cramps wich can lead to miscarriage in worst case n destruction of red blood cells.
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