14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor had advised not to have intercourse But as I completed my 1st trimester, is it absolutely fine to have intercourse now.,? If at all it is even little bit risky then i won't proceed. Thankyou in advance.

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Answer: No.. its not good..it may cause miscarriage..not safe for baby avoid it..even if dctr told, you should obey dctr's advice..i had a previous miscarriage because of this
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Question: I experience little bit headache mainly morning time. I'm in starting of my 2nd trimester. Is it normal to have headache
Answer: Dear,such headaches are due to hormones only..I used to have them often😢.. it is migraine...I used to use pain balm to releive ..never used painkillers...take a walk in fresh air..avoid mobile usage,and take good sleep.acoid stress by deep breathing...this will help you manage it well.
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Question: Iam 10 week pregnant. Can i have sex at this time.? I already had sex but i doesnt feel any discomfort from it. But when i read some comments from articles in this app, they says dont do sex at first trimester. When i googled it it says if i have no problems then do it..
Answer: First trimester is very crucial. You should take care of yourself and avoid it right now. Ur conditions can change any time do better to avoid it. Pls discuss with ur partner ur situation n its consequences.
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Question: Little cramps in lower abdomen.when I have to do my 1st scan ?at which week I have to consult gyno
Answer: Hi...Ur first scan should be in between 10 weeks and 14 weeks but an early scan is also done at 6 weeks or 7 weeks, if u are experiencing pain or vaginal bleeding.
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