32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor din advised for glucose tolerance test, is it okay?? Or i need to take test now??

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Answer: Dear usually doctor take the OGTT test if you have a family history of diabities or if you are overweight in your pregnancy or having complication like thyroid or PCOS. So basically if nothing of the above is there then the OGTT isn't required. Hope it helps.
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    Anonymous Mom241 days ago

    I'm having thyroid problem... My TSH is 1.61

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Question: When to test for glucose tolerance test???
Answer: Usually glucose tolerance test will be done in the beginning of 6th month..
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Question: Do all pregnant woman have to go for glucose tolerance test? Is it mandatory??
Answer: Hello Dear. Congratulations for your pregnancy. A glucose tolerance test measures how well your body’s cells are able to absorb glucose, or sugar, after you ingest a given amount of sugar. Doctors should screen all women for gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes can cause pregnancy complications, so early detection and prompt treatment are important. Doctor will usually recommend this test between the 24th and 28th week of your pregnancy. Your doctor may also recommend that you have this test earlier if you’re having the symptoms of prediabetes or diabetes.
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Question: Hello. My. Glucose tolerance test result shows 135mg/dl. What are the precautions I should take?
Answer: Hi. Never miss your medications for gestational diabetes as skipping it can make you fall into the deep sleep ‘comma.’ Always follow up with your doctor during the 24th to 26thweek for checking your gestational diabetes. Never take gestational diabetes lightly. It can create a lot of complication for your pregnancy and even delivery. Diabetes is directly associated with your state of consciousness, healing of wounds, metabolism, excretion, etc. However, gestational diabetes is not chronic. The symptoms of gestational diabetes go away once the pregnancy comes to its completion stages. But it is essential that you take the Glucose Pregnancy Test to prevent any complications later
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